In September 1994, just 12 weeks after a horrific genocide in Rwanda had been brought to an end, Dr Rhiannon Lloyd was invited by the relief organisation Medair to join them in Rwanda. Her brief was to seek to help church leaders who were asking the question: “Is forgiveness and reconciliation ever going to be possible in a situation like this?”

Rhiannon had previously worked with Medair in Liberia seeking to help war orphans, child soldiers and church leaders caught up in the civil war. But nothing could have prepared her for what she encountered in post-genocide Rwanda. As she listened to heart-wrenching stories, her desire was to help restore the church to its calling to be a peace-maker in the nation.

What started as the smallest of seeds has now grown into a tree with national teams of peace-makers working in many nations. The primary tool that has been used is a 3-day workshop called Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict (HWEC).  This is now called Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations. (HHTN). This has produced fruit beyond her wildest dreams.