The goal of the HHTN workshop

The Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations Workshop (formerly known as Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict) seeks to bring healing and wholeness to communities and nations suffering from bitterness and hatred, and to equip Christian leaders to be agents of healing and reconciliation. People from differing backgrounds are invited to encounter God and one another at a heart level. In a safe environment, participants are encouraged to experience healing and develop new perspectives and attitudes, and then influence others through these new attitudes and perspectives.

What we want to achieve through the HHTN Workshop

  • a new and fresh encounter with God and with one another
  • a revelation of truth that sets people free
  • an opportunity for people to hear each other and express their pain in a safe environment
  • the healing of heart wounds at the cross, enabling people to forgive or ask for forgiveness
  • a removal of prejudices and judgements towards other people and instead see the beauty in each other 
  • to demolish the dividing walls between different groups and between different denominations
  • a new hope that the church has a crucial role to play in the healing of the nation
  • that everyone leaves the workshop feeling loved and affirmed, honoured and respected
  • a determination to live out the reconciliation practically in their churches and communities

Why are these workshops needed?

  • Too often the church is part of the problem instead of being part of the answer
  • Often there is no difference between the church and the community in terms of beliefs, prejudices, behaviour
  • There are foundational Biblical truths which are overlooked or not understood
  • Church leaders also get wounded in conflicts
  • Before the church can be an agent of healing it must first be healed itself

HWEC Workshop topics include

  • God’s original intention for relationships
  • The awful power of prejudice
  • A restored identity 
  • The Church, God’s plan for healing the Country
  • Suffering and a God of love
  • Knowing God as a Loving Father
  • The Thief
  • The Wounded Heart
  • God’s response to human suffering
  • The Cross workshop
  • Forgiving the offender – what it is and what it is not
  • Personal and corporate repentance
  • Pronouncing blessings

The HHTN workshop is a combination of interactive teaching, group sessions, ministry times and practical activities.  Each session builds upon previous sessions so full participation is essential. Intercession for the workshop is crucial and must undergird everything, as division and disunity are spiritual strongholds.

The HHTN workshop can be compared to building a house, with each section preparing the heart for the next one. 

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