Dr Rhiannon Lloyd trained as a doctor of medicine and psychiatry and worked in the National Health Service in the UK. She first committed her life to Christ as a 16 year old in 1963. Since 1985, beginning with a time of training with Youth with a Mission, she has worked extensively in cross cultural situations. Since 1994, she has pioneered a reconciliation ministry in Rwanda, working initially with African Enterprise, and later with Mercy Ministries International based in Geneva. Teams are now going out from Rwanda to take the message of healing and reconciliation to other nations, as well as an International School of Reconciliation being held annually in Rwanda. There are now national inter-ethnic reconciliation teams working in many countries on different continents, producing significant good fruit.

Before starting the work in Rwanda she spent many years counselling people with deep emotional wounds and teaching on courses for Christian workers.

Rhiannon was also an active participant in the Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process, and has been involved in public acts of repentance in D R Congo, Rwanda and Kenya. She has spoken in schools, churches, prisons, public meetings, Government prayer breakfasts, radio and television in numerous countries.